1st Place
Everything Happens for a Reason

Our hero had better days. His girlfriend is leaving him, there is a strange man following and threatening him and his phone gets stolen. He tries to make things right but whatever he does he seems to be getting into more and more trouble. His actions take him to the Christus Kirche overlooking Windhoek, where he faces all his new enemies. When the police arrives at the scene he seems to be saved - or is he?

By Florian Schott

2nd Place
Crimson - Your Cup of Tea

Akin is an A-list detective and henchman of a notorious dictator who realises that dedication to his duty may cause him more than he bargained. He encounters three political prisoners and in his bid to crack them he comes face to face with his own demons.

By Daniel Etim Effiong

3rd Place

A family's simple night sleep is interrupted by a gange of three desperate ruthless thieves who are on the run after a robbery gone wrong. The family is held hostage and must accommodate the unwelcome guests until dawn when they can then safely make their escape. The night soon goes from plain bad to insanely ugly as a lot of secrets are revealed with devastating consequences.

By Gbenga Salu